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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gift of Life...

Hahneman has had 3 heart transplants in the past 3 weeks. I just checked my pager and saw NO MESSAGES. Half tempted to call down there to remind them that I am waiting patiently, but I would never even jest with such a silly "joke". All 3 hearts have been given to men including my friend Rick who I asked for you all to hold up in prayer before me since he seems so deserving & the right candidate. Such a Norman Rockwell family setting like his needs his presence at the dinner table as he watches his daughters have families & raise grandchildren for him to enjoy during his unplanned early retirement.

The other two were on LVADs and while the machine itself is a lifesaver no one would want to live life in that manner unless they had all the assistance & personal attention that a Dick Cheney has, and I bet if the truth be told he's not so thrilled either (other than to still be alive which of course is in itself paramount). At 92 lbs I do not want to "go there". I pray that I never get sent home with the VAD Video & pamphlet..

My goal is to Pay it Forward after the second chance at life happens for me. I want to somehow be proactive in speaking in high schools or where ever they will let me speak to encourage organ donation. Procurement has so many myths that need dispelling. I hope to be able to achieve that goal with a year.. My birthday is coming up July 13th, maybe this year I will get a phone call that will be the gift of life.. one can only dream...

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